Toshiba set to build 55-inch SED TVs

Toshiba has made headway in getting SED TV's to market. The company now has plans to release them to the market in time for the 2007 holiday season. SED TVs are similar to CRT in that electrons are fired at the screen to create images. However, instead of an electron gun, electrons come from nano particles. This allows the TV to be much thinner then tube TVs. The performance should also be closer to CRT TVs, you can expect contrast ratios in the 50,000:1 range and response times of less the one millisecond.

From the article:

The first SED televisions will have a screen size of 55 inches and are set to appear in late 2007, putting it a little later than the previously postponement, and they will appear only in Japan at first. Toshiba, in fact, showed off a 55-inch prototype at the show. (The company has already shown off smaller prototypes.) Depending on sales, Toshiba and Canon will then decide whether to come out with smaller sets, or larger ones.