Tips To Set Up Your TV

I am probably speaking to the choir here, however getting the most out of your HDTV is worth repeating.. and repeating.. and repeating a little more. It is a good thing that we have sites like the HD Guru to help us tweak our HDTVs. Get a Setup Disc – This one is fundamental. Sure you could mess around with […]

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D-Link Making a YahooTV App Device

We don’t normally link to press releases at MissingRemote since they’re usually just fluff and who knows how they actually perform, but I couldn’t help it on this one since I was actually stunned to see this. Apparently D-Link believes there’s enough demand for Yahoo!’s ConnectedTV widget-based platform that they think people will pony up $200 just to add it […]

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Panasonic VT30 Plasma Primed for Spring Launch

IMG_0268 [1024x768].JPG

If there’s been one knock on Panasonic plasma sets, it is that they are not at aesthetically pleasing as other displays on the market in many consumer’s opinions. Panasonic appears to have really taken this in stride and produced a classy single sheet of glass plasma that is also thinner than the VT25 which we reviewed last year. The main […]

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Vizio presents 2 new 21:9 Cinema HDTVs

CES is upon us so the news will be fast and furious for the next few days. Everything from crappy knock-offs to 155 inch displays will be garnering for your attention this year. If you are interested in a 21:9 TV to avoid the black bars on your TV when watching movies, take a look at the new Visio TVs. […]

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What Do You Do With A New HDTV?

Did you get a shiny new TV for Christmas? The HD Guru will take you through a few steps in getting to know  your new friend. Calibrate..Calibrate…Calibrate.. oh and I am sure there are a few other steps in there as well.  Once you have your HD image on the screen, change the user picture controls. (If the set did […]

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Panasonic’s 103″ Plasma 3D HDTV for $100k


It seems like every other year we see an announcement about a $100,000 big huge massive TV, and then shockingly never hear about a person actually buying it. Might this be the one that changes that? Probably not. Still cool to dream about right?!?! This product has been cultivated on a large screen display for our business, “High-speed driving technology” […]

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