Panasonic increases production of 3D TVs

With the success of their 3D TVs, Panasonic has decided to
manufacture more and more of their 3D TVs. In the television market,
Panasonic has managed to successfully make a mark for itself in the
Plasma category. From successfully manufacturing televisions to
plasmas, Panasonic now intends to focus more on the production of their

Speaking of behalf of Panasonic TV, their division chief says,
“We’ve had a very strong reaction” referring to the sales of the 3D TV,
he goes on to say “Our plasma panel factory is at full capacity but
we’ve increased 3D panel production by 30 percent compared to our
original plan.” Panasonic seems very excited with the consumers’
response to their 3D TVs but the brand refuses to acknowledge exactly
how many more will they be releasing in the future, an estimation of
their future sales.

If you remember correctly, Panasonic first launched its 3D TV, the Viera
TC-P50VT20 back then in March and with competition rising high in the 3D
TV market, they are set to mark their place.

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