One Installer’s Opinion – A Half Dozen Reflections on a Thousand Theaters

Here’s an interesting read. Having worked in the CEDIA channel for several years, I can agree with most of what he’s saying. A lot of this works for those of us doing our own home theaters as well…well, except for the getting angry at anyone other than ourselves!


Perhaps the first thing I noticed, way back in the beginning, was that shortly after I completed customer training and handed over the remote, most all my clients were mad. Yup, they were mad that they had waited as long as they did to pull the trigger on the Home Theatre investment. Like many things in life, you don’t know what you’re missing until you experience it firsthand. In a previous life I learned that the best assurance of satisfied customers is to set relatively modest expectations and then over-deliver against them. Although a little easier in the early days (how hard was it to beat VHS tape), it remains a fairly easy challenge. Five years ago I used to tell clients that if we threw enough money at the project, we could rival the local twelve-plex for overall movie experience. Today I say we can easily beat the Bijou with plenty of change left over.