Enermax Modu/Pro87+ 500 PSU Review

Enermax Modu 87+ Fan

The best PSU you can’t buy?  Perhaps.  SPCR seems to think this is the best PSU right now when it comes to both efficiency and noise.  Sadly, they also noted that it’s still unavailable in the US, even 4 or 5 months after its announcement.  Ironically, I’m in the market for a PSU and would love to pick one of these up!  Enermax, can you hear me now?!?!

In a desktop PC without a high power (>100W) graphics card, regardless of the other components, this PSU is probably never going to be audible. Exceptions might be if your ambient temperature is hot, say >35°C, or you try to run with no other fans in your system. If you do run a gaming video card with >100W peak power, along with some other hefty components like overclocked 125W TDP Phenom or i7 processor and get >300W load, the PSU will become audible at times… but most likely, it will be drowned out by other fans ramping up to keep the other components cool enough.