Weekly Podcast Roundup, May 6th 2010

Seems like a ton of podcasts this week, maybe it’s just my being tired and seeing so many 🙂 Enjoy!

Is Lending Disks Illegal? Turn day into night in your living room. Watch
Revision3 in your living room without an extra gadget. Ben Hur, Citizen
Kane and Star Wars coming to Blu-ray. 10 new receivers from Denon:
affordable and 3D-ready! The Blu-ray releases for April 27th, 2010.

We’re back again and trying to muscle our way through the absolute
plethora of Hollywood dreck that is being released this week.  There are
some really great catalog titles hitting today but some of the things
we subjected ourselves to for the sake of the show just shouldn’t be
legal.  As always though, that’s why we’re here.  We suffer so you don’t
have to.

If you hate 3D talk then great news as we only have one 3D topic on this
week’s show and it’s about how Roger Ebert hates 3D too. Luckily we
don’t spend too much time on it, and move on to fun things like Windows 7
Media Center and the fact that it is now available on Embedded devices.
On that same note we talk about what Google TV might be about and what
changes the FCC might make to the CableCARD rules, and the introduction
of AllVid.

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Last week it was announced that Windows Media Center will be an optional component of Windows Embedded Edition meaning we could se set top boxes with Windows Media Center installed in them. So this week I am chatting with Windows Media Center MVP Andrew Cherry about Windows Embedded, I will be asking Andrew what is is, why is it important that Media Center is included and what kind of devices will we see.

Every so often we like to take a look at the top sellers at Amazon.com
in various Home Theater categories. We use this information as a
thermometer to roughly gauge the market as a whole (at least that’s what
our crack market research team tells us we can do). There are always
some interesting tidbits of information that emerge.

Jere Jones and I are back this month and it’s all about MythTV!  When you don’t know very much
about a topic you go out and you find some folks who have the knowledge
you seek and that’s exactly what we did this month.

The end of April is finally here and we’re joined by Jere Jones of Dragon Global this week.  First we get to hear what’s in store for the most popular commercial skipping software available for Windows 7 and we also get to help give away an InfiniTV 4 from Ceton.  Jere was good enough to give it away live during our recording on Wednesday and we appreciate it.

LWhat a week it has been in the mobile space! Tons of news to cover, leading off with HP’s acquisition of Palm and wraping up with a slew of Dell devices leaked. In between we talk about everything ranging from the Courier’s death to Blackberry OS 6 and so much more. We also get a listener question about audio playback on the HD2 which we try to troubleshoot. Although the show is just now being published, it was actually recorded on Friday, so apologies for the delay. It’s a long one though so get to listening!

This Installment dives into the Extended Display Identification Data (EDID) data structure, which is the way that a display device "describes" its capabilities to the source.  EDID is defined by a standard published by the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA).  It is what allows the source to know what the sink is capable of doing.  EDID structures have been around for quite some time and also are a key component of how VGA-based displays have been identifying themselves to computers for the couple of decades (since about 1994).