Panasonic X20 (X24) review


Here’s a review of the successor to Panasonic’s X10 Plasma TV, the X20, which seems to do a great job for its price range. Not perfect, but I don’t think I would mind having this in my living room.   FlatPanelsHD X20 is a typical Panasonic plasma-TV. Straight away you recognize the things that have made the Panasonic plasma TVs […]

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Sanyo PLC-WTC500L LCD Multimedia Projector Review

At $7000, this projector is probably not in most of our futures, but the idea of a dual lamped projector is pretty clever. And it seems to do a solid job as well. Audioholics Continuing our look at presentation projectors, we took a look at the Sanyo PLC-WLC500L, a unique dual lamp system that is designed for flexible installation, high […]

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Coming soon: 50% lighter LCD TVs

LCD’s are already fairly light, so this would be pretty surprising if it hit mainstream since I don’t think there’s a *huge* demand to make them any lighter, but it’s cool to see them innovating. I mean, if they’re going to sell me a lighter TV, I’ll take it and my back will appreciate it! CrunchGear But according to the […]

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LG PK950 review

Haven’t had a chance to read this in detail, but it’s surely a slick looking plasma. FlatpanelsHD In this review we will be looking at the brand new LG PK950 which is the new flagship plasma series from LG. PK950 features the Borderless design meaning that the TV has been created from one piece of glass. PK950 also promises great […]

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LG 42SL8000 (SL80) review

Another nice display for you to consider in your purchases. No web integration or apps though, which is a disappointment, but quality appears to be solid. FlatPanelsHD SL8000 really impresses me with a beautiful and rich, detailed picture. SD quality is better than on most LCD-TV out there today and far better than on previous LG LCD-TVs. Analogue signals from […]

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Optoma HD20 DLP Projector Review

Optoma HD 20 Projector

For <$1000 you could be rocking a 1080p projector and watching a 100" screen.  That’s just a drop in the bucket compared to the price of the larger LCD and plasma sets on the market.  If I had a large enough room to arrange and accommodate a projector, I’d be seriously considering this one. Optoma has upped the bar with […]

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Samsung UN46B8500 46-Inch LCD HDTV


I’m actually in the market for a new TV and looks like this is a solid option…except $3600 is a bit out of my price range for a 46 inch. But still, good words from the guys at S&V Magazine.   S&V Samsung has managed to pull off a hat trick with its UN46B8500. Here, finally, is a truly flat […]

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3D HDTV and HDMI Explained


Great write-up as always from the, this time covering the beauty that is 3D HDTV and just how big a headache it is for your current installations. Your only solution will be to replace your receiver with a new one that’s 3D compatible or use one of a number of available “work arounds.” You can still use […]

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