BeoVision 10 review


Coming in at just over $10,000, the B&O is definitely hard to swallow with only 40" of viewing pleasure. Like most B&O parts, the quality is there, but a lot of what you pay for is the style points. The way LCD’s and plasmas have evolved though, I’m not sure it’s enough to justify it these days…except for maybe their […]

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MSI demoes 1080P Projector PC concept


I’m not exactly sure why this would be limited to displaying 60" but the idea is unique. No word on actual specs or pricing, and I’m always suspect of these "all-in-one" devices given if any issues arise, but the concept is in the right place.   SlashGear Demoing at CES, MSI is “combing the brilliance of a projector with the […]

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CES 2010: Sony 3D TVs and Blu-ray player


Sony has a bunch of new models coming out, of course including even their own 3D offerings which DO require glasses for. And a couple Blu-ray players as well to satisfy the masses. Sure it will be ridiculously expensive, but that 24" OLED model looks sweet!   S&V The highlight of Sony’s new product offerings is the BRAVIA LCD HDTV […]

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Nielsen: You sure have a lot of TVs

I always enjoy seeing these reports from Nielsen, always interesting to see the numbers change and evolve throughout the years. The number of VCR’s will still continue to surprise me though. C|Net As of November, according to media researcher Nielsen, 29.9 percent of TV-owning households in the U.S. have four or more televisions–that’s very close to one-third of the 115 […]

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HDGuru Uncovers 3D Details

And the 3D rage continues….HDGuru is even launching a dedicated website to the technology which has picked up a surprising amount of steam in the last 6 months. HDGuru In an email response to questions regarding the new Blu-ray 3D standard, a BDA representative revealed players may output 3D 1080p HD at a 48 frame per second rate (fps). This […]

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The 5 Best TVs You Can Buy

Before you see the link to Gizmodo and freak out, know that Gizmodo got help from THE HdGuru expert himself to compile this list. As always, consult your budget and needs accordingly before you take any of these lists too seriously, but some sweet looking displays here indeed. Gizmodo You know it’s been a weird year for TVs when not […]

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Choosing The HDTV That’s Right For You

It’s like HDGuru knew that Black Friday was around the corner so lots of people would be in the market to purchase new TVs!??!! Crazy, I know. So, get your learning hats ready and read this post before making that several hundred (or thousand) dollar investment. Lots of good tidbits from them, with pros and cons of almost anything you […]

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120/240 Hz LCD Problems Exposed

Another informative story from the folks at HDGuru, who really seem to know their stuff. HDGuru Currently, prospective flat screen buyers have two alternatives. If LCD is your preference but you wish to avoid the ME/MC circuit’s artifacts, most LCD sets offer a turn off option. The trade-off is lower motion resolution. If you want a feature like LED edge […]

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