The Case for Plasma vs LED/LCD HDTV

With so many holiday deals around these days, lots of us are evaluating what’s the right new television to purchase. While everyone’s budget and needs are different, there is some good information here that addresses some of the often quoted rumors in regards to the neverending debate between plasma and LCD televisions.

Contrast ratio is also the greatest difference between displays of any type. Detail, noise, color, and other aspects of picture quality have all gotten very good in the past few years. Contrast ratio has gotten better as well, but not to the same extent. There’s still a wide discrepancy.

  • The power consumption on an

    The power consumption on an LCD might be less but it’s not like the plasma TV breaks the bank or anything.


  • I wish more people would

    I wish more people would realize that Plasmas are generally better. But then again that may drive up the price. Just goes to show you what a bad reputation (burn in) can do to a company or technology.