Plasma Sales Almost Halved in 3 Years

I’m not all that surprised by this data, but being a loyal plasma fan I am saddened by it. I love my plasma and it’s been rock solid, but apparently most folks looking for TV’s today aren’t looking that way. My dad is one of them, he’s in the market for a new 55″, and I can’t talk him out of a Samsung LED with all the bells and whistles–even though I know he’ll never use them!

The data also reveals another, possibly more disturbing, trend. Plasma TVs are dying, even though they are still preferred by many enthusiasts. The data for Q2 2013 shows that plasma TV sales fell 19 % year-on-year. The trend has been evident for some time now, and it appears that no reversal is in sight. Since 2010, sales of plasma TVs have almost halved.

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