Panasonic Quits Plasma – It’s Official

There have been rumors that Panasonic was done with plasma floating around for quite a while, but it’s official now. They’re done. The lines are shutting down and, come March, we won’t be able to buy a new Panasonic Plasma Display Panel (PDP) anymore. If it had been any other vendor, we would have paused for a moment of silence but this might be an armband incident.

Sad, sad news. At least we’ll always have ZT…

Panasonic has confirmed what the rumors said. They have already shut down production at two of its plasma TV factories and the last factory will stop producing plasma panels in December 2013. All plasma TV business operations, consumer and commercial, will be shut down by the end of March 2014, the end of Panasonic’s fiscal year.



  • I guess this was inevitable,

    I guess this was inevitable, but it still sucks.  I was leaning towards a Panny plasma down the road to replace my aging Sony 60″ LCOS HDTV.  Oh, well. Cry

  • damn…big blow. so long

    damn…big blow. so long plasma 🙁

    • It’s not that dire (Samsung

      It’s not that dire (Samsung still makes a good PDP). My hope is that in a couple years OLED gets to the point where it can fill the gap.

      Bottom line, if you were thinking about replacing a TV – now is the time.


  • It’ll be sad to see plasma

    It’ll be sad to see plasma go.  Those blacks are just so amazing.  From my experience, it seems the early issues with plamsa just killed it as a viable tech in the eyes of the layman.  Most of my friends and family that I’ve ever suggested plasma to, would bring up the issues they used to have and even with lots of explaining how they’d come a long way since then, they’d still go with LCD.

  • As the owner of a 50″ panny

    As the owner of a 50″ panny v10, this news is sad to hear. It will likely be a while before I get a new set so will have to wait and see who is the best then.