Anandtech Compares Bronze & Platinum PSU

Selecting an efficient power supply unit (PSU) can have a significant affect on system power consumption. I’ve never taken the time to compare bronze and platinum rated PSU, so it was nice to see a quick comparison between the two. To be fair, it wasn’t controlled enough to make any broad conclusions (a larger sample size would be required for that), but it’s great to see the impact in real terms.

I’ve been toying around with updating my computer lately, and one of the topics I wanted to look at was the choice of power supply. For the most part, we’ve long since moved beyond the days where power supplies that cost under $60 are garbage. There are plenty of decent power supplies available, particularly if you don’t mind taking a step down from the latest and greatest in terms of efficiency. Anyway, I was helping a friend put together a new PC the other day and it got me curious.