Anandtech Compares Bronze & Platinum PSU

Selecting an efficient power supply unit (PSU) can have a significant affect on system power consumption. I’ve never taken the time to compare bronze and platinum rated PSU, so it was nice to see a quick comparison between the two. To be fair, it wasn’t controlled enough to make any broad conclusions (a larger sample size would be required for […]

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Silverstone @ CES 2013


Silverstone offers a plethora of enclosures for the HTPC enthusiast and after our visit with them at CES this year, we’re excited to see them expanding their offerings. Perhaps the most intruiging new enclosure shown was the Thin Mini-ITX PT13. The black brushed aluminum chassis is the most compact Thin Mini-ITX enclosure we’ve seen and utilizes a custom CPU cooler […]

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Passive Power Supply Roundup

SeaSonic X Fanless

Few things can take the shine off a new HTPC faster than a noisy fan, and few components are more likely to be the source of that noisy fan than the power supply. There are many ways to hide the sound of a CPU cooler and eliminate case fans, but for most folks, there is little remedy for a PSU […]

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