The King is Dead. Long Live the King.

There was a time, not that long ago, that plasma display panel (PDP) technology ruled the earth. Not only because it dominated in picture quality, but because it also lead when it came to value as well. There was an area where PDP could not compete, and its power consumption ultimately proved the stake that killed it. OEMs were unwilling […]

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4K Killed Panasonic’s Plasma?

HDTVtest makes a compelling case for why Panasonic would stop making plasmas, but I can’t help but feel that OLED isn’t quite ready to replace it in their display lineup. I want to believe that OLED and 4K are their path forward, but I have to wonder if it’s not more about Panasonic’s health as a company than anything else. […]

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Panasonic Quits Plasma – It’s Official

There have been rumors that Panasonic was done with plasma floating around for quite a while, but it’s official now. They’re done. The lines are shutting down and, come March, we won’t be able to buy a new Panasonic Plasma Display Panel (PDP) anymore. If it had been any other vendor, we would have paused for a moment of silence […]

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HD Guru Reviews/Loves Panasonic TC-P65ST60


Panasonic’s ST line of plasma display panels (PDP) usually win the cost/benefit valuation for HDTVs, but it looks like this year they also topped last year’s best display. This is great news not just for 2013 ST buyers, but also hints at the good-things-to-come from the VT & ZT models. Panasonic’s ST60 models fall smack in the middle of their […]

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Panasonic @ CES 2013


There was only one display in a pitch black room at CES. That it was lined up against a VT50, arguably 2012’s best TV, and making it look [literally] washed out in comparison speaks volumes about the beautiful beast of a plasma Panasonic is bringing out later this year. If I had to pick one thing that most impressed, and […]

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Panasonic Press Conference


Panasonic isn’t known for putting on flashy press conferences, so expectations around the entertainment quality of the demos and product announcements were set appropriately low. Unfortunately even with a low bar there were several disappointments with the TVs announced today, first they aren’t getting any bigger (still maxing out at 65″) and details were very sparse on any of the […]

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Rhapsody Aims for Smart TVs with Panasonic, LG, and Samsung

Rhapsody Smart TV.png

Microsoft isn’t the only company looking to conquer the living room with a streaming music service this month. Rhapsody has been quite prolific, developing apps for just about every mobile device ecosystem one can think of, but now the company is looking to engage consumers in their living rooms. Rhapsody has announced that their music app is now available for […]

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Panasonic Booth – CES 2012


I expected to enjoy the trip to Panasonic’s booth at CES because I love looking at big, high quality HDTVs and historically they have delivered on both points. This year’s models will prove no exception to that as they have raised the bar again with better picture quality through panel improvements and higher internal refresh rates. There were many interesting […]

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