Panasonic Quits Plasma – It’s Official

There have been rumors that Panasonic was done with plasma floating around for quite a while, but it’s official now. They’re done. The lines are shutting down and, come March, we won’t be able to buy a new Panasonic Plasma Display Panel (PDP) anymore. If it had been any other vendor, we would have paused for a moment of silence […]

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Plasma Sales Almost Halved in 3 Years

I’m not all that surprised by this data, but being a loyal plasma fan I am saddened by it. I love my plasma and it’s been rock solid, but apparently most folks looking for TV’s today aren’t looking that way. My dad is one of them, he’s in the market for a new 55″, and I can’t talk him out […]

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HD Guru Reviews/Loves Panasonic TC-P65ST60


Panasonic’s ST line of plasma display panels (PDP) usually win the cost/benefit valuation for HDTVs, but it looks like this year they also topped last year’s best display. This is great news not just for 2013 ST buyers, but also hints at the good-things-to-come from the VT & ZT models. Panasonic’s ST60 models fall smack in the middle of their […]

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The Case for Plasma vs LED/LCD HDTV

With so many holiday deals around these days, lots of us are evaluating what’s the right new television to purchase. While everyone’s budget and needs are different, there is some good information here that addresses some of the often quoted rumors in regards to the neverending debate between plasma and LCD televisions. Contrast ratio is also the greatest difference between […]

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Panasonic Releases Reference Display

With only a 42″ and 50″ available I doubt that it will be cutting into the VT30’s sales soon, but for those who will only accept an exact picture (and size doesn’t matter) it might finally be time queue up for what looks like an incredibly capable HDTV display. It’s been almost six years in the making, but Panasonic has […]

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LED vs Plasma Power Consumption


I still think there are a large number of people out there who don’t realize how efficient most flat screen TVs are nowadays.  People probably still believe that plasma TVs are the most environmentally unfriendly devices manufactured today.  If you want a good laugh, grab a Kill A Watt monitor and check what your computer, fridge, and set top box […]

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