Fall TV Season Delivers a Mixed Bag in Prime Time

Seems like networks are more quick to respond to ratings this season than ever before. Apparantly some shows getting cut in as fast as two episodes. Ouch! I’m on board with most of the new popular ones–Blacklist and Sleepy Hollow. I’ve had Brooklyn Nine Nine on my DVR for weeks, just can’t be bored enough to try to watch it though.

While every network has at least a glimmer of a new hit, in an era of increased delayed viewing, patience is more crucial than ever. Decisions on the fates of shows must factor in quality as well as quantity. And the oldest scheduling technique in the world — putting a new show behind an established hit — is still the most effective tool at a network’s disposal.

NY Times

  • I hope Sleep Hollow stays on.

    I hope Sleep Hollow stays on. I’m enjoying.

  • Sleepy Hollow has gotten good

    Sleepy Hollow has gotten good ratings so it’s likely to stick around.  The shows mentioned in the article that have already been canceled aren’t too surprising seeing as how they were predicted to have early exits before the season began.  If it weren’t for The Avengers movie tie-in with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. as well as being a Joss Whedon project, I suspect it would have also died an early death.  So far it’s been less than stimulating, but I plan to stick with it as I still have hope for it. 

    I think a lot of shows that get poor reviews prior to the initial air date are doomed from the start.  Many diehard couch potatoes like me try and get info on upcoming shows before they air so as to make informed choices for setting their DVR lineups.  None of the shows that got axed were in my recording schedule.

    I’ve already dropped several shows from my lineup since they premiered (Hostages, The Crazy Ones, The Michael J. Fox Show), mostly due to limitations on how much time I have to devote to TV viewing each week (I have little patience for mediocre sitcoms, not that the ones I dropped are in that category).  I’ve also dropped a few old shows, like Chicago Fire, Revolution, and Criminal Minds, because they were mostly just more of the same.  I was unimpressed by Brooklyn Ninety-Nine so it was the first show I dropped, and I’m a huge Andre Braugher fan.  If it catches on I may pick up the back episodes later and get up to date, but for now it’s on the back burner.

    The wife and I both watch Once Upon a Time so OUaT in Wonderland was an automatic add to the list.  I wasn’t terribly impressed and the CGI was obviously low budget (I’ve actually seen better on the SyFy Channel), but we’ll see where it takes us.  The Tomorrow People was like a flashback to Smallville with all the pretty actors, but it also looks interesting.  Reign starts this Thursday so I’m expecting more of the same from The CW with respect to dreamy teens on TV.  OTOH, I like period pieces so I’ll give it a shot.  Dracula also starts up on the 25th so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it’s a keeper.

    • What made you drop Hostages?

      What made you drop Hostages? I’ve heard good things about that but not given it a chance myself

      • I’m not a huge fan of Dylan

        I’m not a huge fan of Dylan McDermott (he had to be the whiniest lawyer on TV), but I do like Toni Collette, which is why I started to watch it in the first place.  The show is only scheduled to run until mid-season when it will get replaced by the new show “Intelligence.”  The plot is all too predictable and has pretty much been done before, although I’m sure there are probably a few twists we won’t see coming.  I just don’t see how this will get extended beyond the initial season run.

        Other than that, it’s not a bad show, so it might be worth your while to check it out.  I had to make some decisions about which shows to drop and which to keep and this one was on my short list of new shows that I felt I could live without.  I only like to record shows that I can watch within a one-week timespan.  Otherwise, I get backlogged and won’t get to things around the house that need to get done.  I’ve already got lots of shows stockpiled that I haven’t had time to watch yet so something had to go.

      • duplicate post

        duplicate post

    • And your write up was a

      And your write up was a better summary than I could find anywhere else, bravo!

      I want more!

  • The past few years, I add all

    The past few years, I add all the new shows to my recordings but I leave most of them untouched for several months.  If they get cancelled, I just delete them unviewed.  Saves me the pain of getting involved in a new series just to have it pulled out from under me a few episodes in.

  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine is

    Brooklyn Nine-Nine is hilarous, you would enjoy it.