4K or OLED Is a Strange Question


I get that these sorts of posts are mostly about generating clicks via false dichotomy, but I don’t understand the basis of pitting a display technology against a resolution. These concepts are in no way mutually exclusive – we can, and probably will have 4K OLED HDTVs before long. Of course both of these technologies are currently relegated to the high-end-gobs-of-cash crowd so even if they were competing, it wouldn’t matter much to the rest of us anyway for the forseeable future.

While were on the subject of OLED I did want to point out something that I find really odd when reading what other people have to say about the technology – no one talks about the motion issues. Maybe it was because of BETA hardware, but all of the displays I saw at CES last year had major problems with colors bleeding as the image transitioned, almost like the pixels were too slow to keep up with the content. Either way, I’m excited to see the TVs that will be on display this go-round, hopefully there will be a lot worth fighting over :).

On one side, there’s 4K: four times the resolution of your current TV. LG, Sony, JVC, and others have all announced or shown upcoming 4K displays.

On the other, there’s OLED: Organic Light-Emitting Diode. Significantly better picture quality than your current TV, plus lower energy consumption, and even thinner cabinets.

So what’s more exciting?…


  • Agree.. Andrew and I had that

    Agree.. Andrew and I had that coversation at CES while we were looking at them… We will report this year and maybe we can talk someone into giving out “Test” units this year… 

  • 4K OLED of Course¬† : )

    4K OLED of Course  : )