HD Guru Prioritizes HDTV Features

For those looking for more guidance than “get the biggest plasma you can fit in the door” the HD Guru hits the feature list and helps break them down into easy buckets.  Most of it won’t come as a surprise if you keep current, but it is a great read for those just getting started. 

There’s a lot to consider when you’re buying an HDTV. Pros and cons to weigh and options to think about, all of which can end up being pretty confusing.

So we at HDGuru.com want to help you prioritize all these different aspects so you can get the best TV possible.

HD Guru

  • Very informative article and

    Very informative article and a must-read for anyone considering the purchase of a new set.  The viewing distance chart confirmed what I have been suspecting all along.  The old norm was twice the diagonal dimension of the set for the viewing distance.  This was primarily because if you sat any closer you could begin to see the scan lines on a standard 4:3 display.  With the higher resolution of HDTVs, this distance is considerable shorter (by almost 25%).  The comparison of plasmas vs. LEDs was also interesting.