Media Center Themer Customizes Windows Media Center

Media Center Themer

Courtesy of developer Cyril Paciullo, there’s a new tool in town for all of you that like to theme Windows Media Center (WMC). It’s called Media Center Themer and changes the text attributes of WMC.

Media Center Themer will change the attributes of text in WMC including 3rd party add-ins at run-time and doesn’t rely on changing resource files so no need to worry about your changes going away when the StartResources.dll file gets updated. Check it out here. Thanks to Tim Black on Twitter for letting us know.


Media Center Themer

  • Pretty bummed this is just to

    Pretty bummed this is just to change text. MCStudio changed my appearance, but now it won’t open and I’m stuck with what I changed it to. I was hoping this might be a solution.