How to Organize Your Music, Movies and ROMS With XBMC

XBMC is a fantastic HTPC application that is 100% free, and has some very impressive skins and features. No LiveTV functionality, but other than that it’s pretty powerful. Not the easiest to setup however, so here’s a guide from MaximumPC that tries to help.

XBMC (originally designed as the Xbox Media Center for hacked Xboxes, but now mostly for HTPCs) is the most compelling and full-featured media front end currently available (below). However, not everyone needs a media front end. If you’re a music-only sort of person, for instance, you might be better off using iTunes or Foobar. If the only media you need is streamed from Netflix, then you’re better off just sticking to the site.

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    I haven’t kept up with the FAQ at MyMovies and they don’t tell you in the Maximum PC article, but is do either of these properly organize TV series now. I am pretty sure MyMovies doesn’t because I put all the Friends TV shows in the structure FriendsSeason 1Disc 1Video_TS but when I go into the MyMovie Collection editior app I always get an entry for disc 1 and when I click the Disc(s) to see where this movie is it is in the Friends directory.