Ceton Introduces New Model: InfiniTV 6 (PCI-E)


Have you held back from purchasing a Ceton InfiniTV 4?  Is four tuners not enough?

How about six?  Through a tweet looks like the rumored InfiniTV 6 has made it into Ceton’s line of MOCUR tuners.

@engadgethd slight correction to your gateway media console article. It is actually a Ceton InfiniTV 6 in it 🙂 may want to update the post


We don’t know much else at this moment other than it looks to be a six tuner version of the InfiniTV4.  Who doesn’t want more tuners?  Unless you’ve purchased an OEM only boutique HTPC with AEP 2.0 you’ll need to use TunerSalad or Big Screen EPG to increase the standard 4-tuner limit.

Happy days.  Well unless you just got your InfiniTV 4 and really want an InfiniTV 6 now .  Who knows, it may not even be available for retail purchase (like that has stopped enthusiasts before).

  • oooooh, effing nice. How many

    oooooh, effing nice. How many people seriously need 6 HD tuners though. I watch a lot of TV and sports, and rarely hit more than 4 at a time. still a great option…very curious to learn more, especially price. Given that SiliconDust’s 3 tuner is $250 and external…i wonder how much of a premium Ceton will be able to charge (well, obviously more if they’re first to market again, right?)

    • You’d probably sing a

      You’d probably sing a different tune on tuner count if you had kids or other family members hogging up all the tuners. Fortunately, it’s just my wife and I so an InfiniTV 4 is the perfect number.

    • I could easily use 6 tuners

      I could easily use 6 tuners if not more. I would never be able to watch it all much less have enough storage to save it all for when I would finally watch it though.

      Then again I have a sickness and won’t tell you how much I currently record lol. Let’s just say I can’t watch crappy movies these days, but I have higher tolerance for bad TV.

  • You don’t have kids  I get

    You don’t have kids :-p  I get recording conflicts weekly.

    • This model was originally

      This model was originally announced as being available only to OEMs for turnkey HTPCs back when Ceton first announced that they would be marketing cablecard PC tuners.  Has this changed?

      Any word on the dual tuner model that was also announced last year?  I thought it was supposed to follow the quad tuner model to market with the 6-tuner OEM design coming later.

      Six tuners isn’t nearly enough, especially if you’re using extenders.  Fortunately, I supplemented my InfiniTV4 with four ATSC tuners to give me a grand total of eight tuners.

    • mikinho wrote:You don’t have


      You don’t have kids :-p  I get recording conflicts weekly.


      Goooood point

  • You’re welcome, Ceton. I’ll

    You’re welcome, Ceton. I’ll take a 5% cut 😛