Slysoft AnyDVD to end Lifetime Upgrade Purchases

I actually thought they had done this last year…but apparently I’m wrong. Slysoft AnyDVD is THE best software for ripping your Blu-ray and DVD movies to your hard drive, strictly for backup purposes. So…if you find yourself needing something like that you may want to take advantage before you have to start paying for upgrades. The upgrades are CRITICAL as new movies come out with newer encryption schemes which require patches.

For new purchases only, as of January 1st 2011, SlySoft will discontinue the ‘lifetime’ update subscription. This is being announced well in advance to give everybody a final opportunity to acquire SlySoft products with lifetime free updates or change his limited subscription to lifetime.


  • George L. Schmauch Jr.

    What they do pretty regularly

    What they do pretty regularly is the 20% off deal, which is great in and of itself.  But, the ending of lifetime upgrades is pretty big.  Anyone who uses their software knows how frequent their updates are.  What they don’t spell out is whether this is for upgrades (new versions) or updates (new encryption).  The wording works either way.  My guess is that this may very well be for those frequent updates they do.  In other words, you’ll probably only get a year of updates if you purchase after December 31st.  Then, you’ll need to purchase some sort of annual subscription.

    If anyone has ever had even a momentary thought about purchasing, just buy it already!

  • +1. Great product, excellent

    +1. Great product, excellent support.  Looking forward to SlyPlayer and future improvements of Reclock as well.

    • They actually did announce

      They actually did announce the end of lifetime support over a year ago when they went to the short term subscription-based setup.  They kept bringing the lifetime option back to stimulate new sales.  I’d be surprised if they don;t do this again down the road.  I think this may be another sales gimmick to sell more subscriptions, but only time will tell.  FWIW, I bought my lifetime sub a couple of years ago and I’ve never regretted it.  Definitely money well spent on a great product with great support.

      • I’ve had my unlimited

        I’ve had my unlimited subscription to AnyDVDHD for a few years now and I probably said the same thing a around two years ago, but I’m thinking there will be some breakthrough before a two-year subscription is up. I love this program BTW.

  • Hmm. I may have to consider

    Hmm. I may have to consider preemptively grabbing a copy even though I don’t gotten my blu-ray player yet.