Hands On with the WD Live TV Plus (Netflix)

Another extender review here, with some improvements on the original from WD, but still having some growing pains. Still it’s a nice small box that does a lot, and even Netflix now, for a pretty affordable price.


When I made the selection I was presented with the thumbnails for my movies, in duplicate. It seems the WD TV likes to display all content on the share.  I saw the same thing when I set up the WD TV to pull content from a share from my Windows 7 machine.  Looks like over the network, the WD TV wants to display all content in a folder. This just looks like a little filtering bug that can be taken care of in a firmware update. The WD TV had no problem playing any of my MKV Blu-Ray or DVD rips. I was also able to play MP4 files with no problem. But I did have some trouble playing some older AVI files and I have had the audio cut out a few times – but after power cycling everything returns to normal. I’ll continue to investigate the cause and see if I can reproduce the error at will, which could be a network or HDMI issue.