MissingRemote.com Update



As many of you know, I sold MissingRemote.com to Mike almost a year ago due to not being able to commit time to the site. I certainly did not want this to become HTPCNews.com part 2. However, due to many changes in my personal time, I am able to dedicate more time to the site and have decided to purchase MissingRemote back from Mike. I might add at a substantial mark up from what the selling price was. Mike’s hard work over the year had to be rewarded. I took the loss because I have always beleived in the site and of course the great readers we have always had.

Mike has agreed to stay on as a minority owner and of course article contributor. He laid the groundwork for a lot of great things for the site and expect those changes to role out over the next couple of months. It is going to be fun. Who knows? Maybe a contest? You know how I like those!

Thanks again for being an awesome bunch and coming to MissingRemote.com. My email is always open alan @ missingremote dot com.