Winscape | Waking up in the same place every morning is boring.

Well I remember reading about Ryan’s initial implementation of Winscape in Jan 2005 Popular Science.  Every few months I’ve checked his blog and to my surprise Uncrate featured the latest edition today.   I’d rather have a "real" view of a beach or skyline but that isn’t happening anytime soon so a very cool project, worth checking out.    After lots of […]

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Blockbuster CEO Slams Netflix Streaming Selection

This is quite an interview with the Blockbuster CEO. I think it’s great he absolutely doesn’t hide his disdain for Netflix. Enjoy. "You tell me: Do you want to watch The Blind Side or Herbie Goes to Cancun?" Keyes asked, referring to what some have called Netflix’s less-than-stellar on-demand offerings. "Our customer demand is 60% to 80% for new releases. […]

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Netflix Brings Subtitles to Select Streaming Titles


I think this is a great step in the right direction, although I’d be more excited if it was 5.1 support or more HD formats, but I suppose this was probably significantly easier. Not exactly sure why it was complicated to begin wtih given that there’s zero bandwidth demand and everything they store already had subtitles when it started…oh well. […]

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