Sega Genesis Modded with a PC Inside


Pretty cool, although not the cleanest mod I’ve ever seen, that’s one tight space indeed! I wonder if people would be disappointed to not be able to play Battle Axe though…then again, I would hope the guy put an emulator on there! Case: Sega Genesis + CD Attachement Core Specs: Zotac 9300 itx Mobo Core2 E8500 3.2 ghz processor 4 […]

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S1Digital 100 Disk Blu-ray Changer

My experience with S1Digitals 100 disk Blu-ray changer was just about flawless. It would have been 100% except for the first unit they shipped me had an optical drive failure after ripping around 40 disks. Anyone who has had the pleasure of dealing with S1Digial knows there support is top notch, so after trying a few things I was quickly […]

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