S1Digital 100 Disk Blu-ray Changer

My experience with S1Digitals 100 disk Blu-ray changer was just about flawless. It would have been 100% except for the first unit they shipped me had an optical drive failure after ripping around 40 disks. Anyone who has had the pleasure of dealing with S1Digial knows there support is top notch, so after trying a few things I was quickly sent a replacement changer.

For my test of the unit I ripped 53 store bought Blu-rays (the changer and My movies support DVD and Music disks also, but I didn’t test those features). The changer integrates with My Movies for Windows Home Server, and later will integrate directly with a Media Center PC. Ripping copy protected Blu-rays such as these requires AnyDVD HD from Slysoft. Neither My Movies nor the Changer remove the encryption required to make a successful copy. As you’ll see in the video below the entire process from setup to loading disks to ripping couldn’t be any easier.

Check out the HD video above and if you have any questions check out
S1Digitals product
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