Ceton InfiniTV4 Giveaway by ShowAnalyzer

I don’t normally post contests, but given A) the rare nature of the Ceton tuners, and B) The fact that Jere has done such a wonderful job on ShowAnalyzer, I figured you guys might be interested. Ashame I’ve already purchased ShowAnalyzer.

How to enter:
1) Buy a copy of ShowAnalyzer via PayPal and enter the word "ceton" in
the "Instructions to Vendor" box. I would appreciate it if you let me
know where you heard about this giveaway but that isn’t required. There
is no limit to the number of entries via this method.
2) Send a postcard with your name and contact information to me. The
post card must be received prior to the 28 April 2010. Limit one entry
per household via this method. Send the postcard to: