Thursday Podcast Roundup, April 1st 2010

Lots of great stuff as usual to start off your month of April, enjoy!

Seen in HD 28 – 3D hands on, LOTR & Avatar previews, GI Joe review

After months of talking about it, speculating, and critiquing, Phil finally got a chance to actually check out a 3D HDTV and Blu-ray at his local Best Buy. Two of them actually, a Panasonic and Samsung setup.


The Media Center Show #250 – Ed Bott

Welcome to show 250, 5 years and 250 shows since the first show back in XP Media Center days! Taking a look back and forward with me is Windows expert Ed Bott, we look at the longevity of XP, the trouble with Windows Vista and the success of Windows 7. Ed has some interesting views where the technology is heading and in particular the future for products like Windows Home Server, WHS enthusiasts get your email ready!


Home Theater Geeks 14: Acoustics And Psychoacoutstics Of Speakers

How to get the best listening experience in recording control rooms and home entertainment systems. Guest: Floyd Toole, retired Vice President of Acoustical Engineering for Harman International Industries, Inc.


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HD Nation » Episode 38

Stream media to your PS3 or XBox 360 without worrying about transcoding! Is "3D Ready" good enough? Why do Russian cows get HDTVs? We review Dell’s Inspiron Zino HD! And the Blu-ray releases for March 23rd, 2010.

Engadget HD Podcast 185 – Jethead geeks out on RVU

Ever since we first heard of the RVU Alliance we’ve been excited about the technology and about the supporting members. At the time we didn’t give much thought to the companies that we’ve never heard of that actually implement the technology, but when David Bye from Jethead reached out to us concerning a story, we just had to invite him on the show. David brought the head geek, Ben Payne, with him and for an hour we go on about RVU’s abilities, shortcomings and possible implementations.

TDL Mobile Show #31

This week we take the quick-fire approach to the news. Short one man and pressed for time, we delivered a neatly packed 30-minute show. This was the week for carrier announcements as we saw both US and UK carriers announce handsets from the likes of HTC, Dell, Sony Ericsson, and Palm. We also talk a little but about some portable gaming market stats, give a quick mention to an unboxing gallery and video that will show up soon on the site, and even manage to squeeze in a few apps of the week.


Entertainment 2.0-Episode 70: You’ll Go Nuts Over This Episode!

We’re back for our 70th this week and it was a great show. Those who joined us live know that it wasn’t an easy week but luckily things fell into place and we were able to get it out to you guys on time.


HDTV and Home Theater Podcast – Podcast #418

We have to admit, we got a little giddy when we got an email from Jason asking us to go over the various technology options available for front projector home theaters. With rear projection television fading into the sunset, we don’t often get the opportunity to talk about the various merits of LCD, DLP, and LCoS projection technologies anymore. It’ll be like the good old days.