April 6th Blu-ray Releases

EDIT: Continuing from last week, I am noting the Warner Brothers titles which will have the 30-day rental window imposed on them by placing ** next to the title.

Not a lot of new titles this week, but I imagine all us geeks should be giddy about the Battlestar Galactica complete series being released on Blu-ray. Since I never got into that, this week is a bit less exciting for me, but still I think we’ve all been waiting for the following for quite a while. Seriously though, outside of those two, I had trouble even thinking of a comment on the others.

MissingRemote’s Pick of the Week


I can’t wait to see how these titles look in Blu-ray, considering how great they looked on DVD. The movies are really ideal for the format, with lots of action scenes, special effects and just all around great movies.

For the second week in a row however, my pick of the week is a Warner Brothers movie…yet oddly enough Netflix.com shows it available today…so maybe this rule is just for new news releases?