Some More WHS V2 details

Last month we saw leaked photos of the upcoming V2 of Windows Home Server, here are some further details courtesy of the SageTV forums.

Built on the RTM bits of Windows Server 2008 R2.
Will come in 2 flavors, HOMESTANDARD and HOMEPREMIUM
Requires an x64 Processor.
Requires a minimum of 160GB primary hard drive.
Server "Desktop Experience" is installed OOB (meaning Aero, Media, etc).

Built-In HomeGroup Support (unlike WS2008 R2)
WHS Console is now the "Dashboard", and has a cleaner Add-In model (all
pages are now AddIns).
There will be an online catalog for add-ins hosted by Microsoft.
While there is a "Recorded TV" option in the folders, there does not
presently appear to be deeper media integration. That may come in later
It *appears* that WHS now backs itself up.