Internet TV Viewing Has Tripled Since 2006

I think this has as much to do with just the content available now as much as any other factor these studies might suggest, but still good news nonetheless. Anyone surprised it’s not greater?

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Usage of the Internet to watch TV in the 13-54 age group has risen from 8% to 22%, and is up from 12% to 30% among 18- to 34-year-olds. As a result, 6% in the 13-54 group and 9% in the 18-34 group said they plan to or already have reduced or canceled their pay-TV service in the past year. “The small but notable level of people watching TV programs via the Internet on regular TV sets suggests that the convergence of the two screens for mainstream audiences may finally be on the horizon,” said David Tice, VP and group account director at Knowledge Networks.