Newsflash: Blockbuster CEO Supports 30-Day Window

…for everyone except Blockbuster Video, of course. So….Blockbuster Video, who rent movies to customers, do not get a 30 day window and can continue to charge more. Where Redbox and Netflix….who rent movies to customers….DO have to have the window? Anyone else think the 30-day window idea came from Blockbuster?

Home Media Mag

Keyes attributed the miss to big-box retailers selling new-release DVDs for $10 and kiosk vendor Redbox successfully operating a workaround program to acquire embargoed titles from 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, Universal Studios Home Entertainment and Warner Home Video. “In spite of the windows … our DVD-based competitors were successful in their ability to buy around the 30-day window restrictions by purchasing diverted product from competing retailers,” Keyes said. “This affected rentals in our stores.”