Spears & Munsil High Definition Benchmark Blu-ray mini-review


Calibrating your television is almost as important as the careful work you took to purchase it. A lot of people will never touch their TV settings after purchase and are really missing out on the potential of their set. While there are more expensive options, I’ve used this disc many times myself and it really is great. Ben’s got a closer look at it…



Speaking of which, the calibration disc has more patterns then you’ll ever know how to use or understand. We really appreciated the new approach to explaining how to use the disc. In addition to the insert with very detailed explanations, there is also a help page on every pattern. Basically you select the pattern you want, or just select the first one, then hit the up button to see examples of what to look for and an explanation. When you understand what the pattern is about, you simply hit down to dismiss the help and make your adjustments.