OPPO BDP-83SE Special Edition Blu-ray Disc Player First Look

How do you top one of the highest rated blu-ray players on the market? If you’re OPPO, you almost double the cost, and add even more features to it. It’s hard to argue with the company, but I think the majority of users will be more than happy with the $500 version for their Blu-ray playback needs.I think this version is more targeted at the CEDIA crowd of affluent society who really enjoy the extra luxuries.


The Oppo BDP-83SE is a "Special Edition" version of the Oppo BDP-83 Universal Blu player. For an extra $400 (yes, that almost doubles the price of the original) you get upgrades only a connoisseur could love. Namely, you’re getting an upgraded audio section, a better power supply, RS-232 support, and a faceplate with the words "Special Edition" on the front. While Oppo has a complete comparison chart, the main differences are upgraded DACs (ESS Technology ES9016 4 DACs per channel vs. Cirrus Logic CS4398 1 DAC per channel) and increased frequency response (up to 44kHz at +/-0.2dB) for those with Supertweeters (a technology with questionable benefit). Even Oppo admits that this upgrade isn’t for everyone.