Managed copy requirements delayed, December 4th around the corner

This is still something to be optimistic of, even though it’s disappointing very little will be ready by December 4th. You have to think if Studios saw an immediate profit to this they would accelerate the process more, but hey, it is what it is. I look forward to seeing how the process is and what (if any) extra cost is associated.

Video Business

The way managed copy is expected to work is that a consumer would insert their disc in a Blu-ray player or drive and the disc’s menu would include an option to make a managed copy or the consumer might have to press some buttons on their Blu-ray device to make a copy. Once they choose the option to make a copy, the Blu-ray player connects online to an authorization server, run by a studio, supplier or the AACS-LA. Discs are serialized, and the authentication server will determine if a copy is allowed.