Always Innovating Prepping an Innovative Combo Netbook / Touch Tablet Called the Touch Book

Pretty sweet looking device. Be sure to click on the "hands-on" review link from Gizmodo as well for more info, images and video.


This has got to be bar far one of the most impressive pieces of hardware I’ve seen in quite some time. The Touch Book, by a small California startup called Always Innovating,
is designed to work both as a netbook (with an unheard of 10-15 hour
battery life) when attached to its keyboard dock or as a touch tablet
without it. In addition, the tablet features a magnetic rear surface
that lends itself to being used a refrigerator mounted kitchen computer
or digital photo frame, includes a custom tablet touch UI built on top
of Linux (capable of running Android and Windows CE — personally, I’d like to see Ubuntu MID running on this),
a 600 MHz TI OMAP3 ARM processor, 256MB RAM, 3-axis accelerometer, 8GB
microSD card for storage, 1024×768 8.9-inch screen, and wireless
802.11b/g/n connectivity. The Touch Book should be out this May and
will start at around $300 for just the tablet + $100 more for the
keyboard dock.