Toshiba integrating Extenders for Windows Media Center in new A/V products

Engadget has great CES coverage, expect me to link to alot of their stories. The latest and greatest is that some of their new TVs will have Windows Media Center extenders built in. HP couldn’t make a go of it but then again, TVs are not HP’s core business.


By integrating Extenders for Windows Media Center in Toshiba’s new A/V products with
Network Player capabilities, the devices will act as "hubs" for delivery of content anywhere in
the home. Using a home network, Extender for Windows Media Center technology allows users
to access a wide range of digital content from Windows Media Center on the PC to their big
screen TV. Windows Media Center also delivers an extensive amount of Internet TV and movie
content, live and recorded TV with the addition of a TV tuner, plus photos, music, home videos
and more.