Sharp’s Aquos BD Series HDTVs Include Built-In Blu-ray Players

How many CE devices can you cram into on device? I dunno, ask my HTPC ;). Sharp’s new Aquos TVs, as the title mentions, will have built-in Blu-ray players.


These Full-HD 1080p models are very fully featured, with four HDMI
inputs on the LC-52BD80U, LC-46BD80U and LC-42BD80U and three on the
LC-37BD60U and LC-32BD60U, as well as two component video inputs, all
of which are 1080p compatible. The HDMI terminals all have 24p input
capability for high-quality Blu-ray video processing. A true
high-definition TV, the models house a built-in ATSC and QAM tuner for
access to DTV channels. The units also feature an RS-232C input for
custom installations and a PC input so the TV serves a dual purpose as
a PC monitor.