SageTV HD200 HD Theater GeekTonic Review

A no brainer recommendation to go read this review. Here is a throught review from a guy who knows SageTV inside and out. If you are interested in SageTV or an extender, check his review out.

Question for Brent, does the extender play Blu-rips in client mode? I noticed comments about stand-alone mode not quite working.


Setting up the HD200 as an
extender is just as easy as it was for the HD100 that preceded it. 
Plug it in to a power outlet, connect it to the TV or AV Receiver via
HDMI, Component, Composite or S-Video and then connect the audio via
the Left/Right audio jacks, optical SPDIF or HDMI.  The key of course
is to be sure you have SageTV Media Center software running on a
computer in your network, set up a few firewall settings and enable the
Media Extender Server on your server.  This computer can be physically
located anywhere in your home as long as its connected to your home
network.  I won’t go too much into SageTV as a HTPC program in this
review other than to say that it is multi-platform (XP, Vista,
Windows7, Windows Home Server, Linux and Mac and SageTV is very
capable, very flexible and handles a multitude of file formats.  I use
it in my home as the HTPC DVR, Movie server and Music server.
Once you have the SageTV set up in and running in extender mode, you
can also customize the look and feel of the extender as well as install
plugins to modify the extender as desired..