D-Link 10 Inch Wireless Internet Photo Frame Review

I’m all for a good photo frame, but I think this one from D-Link deserves a closer look.  It includes 1GB of onboard flash to store your photos internally as well as ports for SD and USB.  But on top of all that, it also includes wireless and wired internet access so you can get your photos from your home network as well as online sites like flickr or facebook. 


D-Link has incorporated wireless (802.11g) and wired (10/100) internet
capability into this frame to take advantage of a series of features
that really make this more than just a 10 inch digital photo frame with
a gigabyte of memory onboard. Once registered on their service called
Framechannel, the frame can stream photos from your Facebook, Flickr
and other services online. The frame can also stream news, RSS feeds of
your choice, and the shared photos on your network.