The Daily Button: October 16th, 2008

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VUDU News: Ben with EngadgetHD confirms the pic quality of VUDU’s new HDX titles are close to Blu-ray

Blu-ray News: High Def Digest reviews L.A. Confidential and they appear to like it


Netflix News: Netflix announces the Netflix API , so lets get going on make more Netflix plugins!

WHS Plugin News: We Got served takes a look at the MyMovies plugin for Windows Home Server. If you are managing your media from a WHS, this might be a good addition to your setup.

VMC Plugin News: VMC Netflix got an update a few weeks ago. (sorry for missing it). With all of the new content on Netflix, this is worth price of downloading (free).

VMC Plugin News: Music Brows by folder is now open source


Display Device News: EngadgetHD is reporting that Sharp plans to sell LCDs with integrated Blu-ray

Display Device News: Samsung to offer DivX playback on some 2009 TVs and reduce panle production by 5%

Display Device News: S&V has a great article up on how to demo a TV in a big box (Best Buy’esque) show room. I think we all know to turn off the super bright extra white mode.

Blu-ray Player News: The Secrets of HT & HiFi put the Yamaha BD-S2900 through its paces. You might want to skip right past this review as the MSRP for this bad boy is $1195.

Blu-ray Player News: Black Friday promises to be a good one with regards to Blu-ray prices. Expect to find profile 1.1 players for $150.

Mobile Phone News: Not typically relvant to MissingRemote, but as wireless internet speeds ramp up and more of us carry a phone with video on it, phones like the G1 Andriod phone are increasing relevant in a digital media enthusiast’s life. Think of them as portable extenders :).


Podcast News: Ian’s famous podcast has reached episode #177 and this week’s topic is GridSearch. GridSearch is a visual way to search through vdieo files.

Wharrrgarbl News: Brent asks the question , "What should we name today’s HTPC?" He also reports on Dell’s Xbox 360 deals. It might not be a bad time to jump on the 360 Arcade bundle ($169) and then put in one of the 20GB refurbished hard drives from Microsoft.