What We’re Learning from HD Consumers

Motorola insider and blogger Mari Silbey has nice summary of the current state of HD cable and digital services adoption.

Media Experiences 2 Go

A lot of HDTV owners are still very confused. Leightman claims that a lot of people with HD sets are not even watching HD content. They don’t have HD service, haven’t switched to HD channels, or are just generally bumfoozled about how to access real HDTV. And that’s on top of all the non-HDTV owners who are also very confused. Maryann Baldwin from Magid Media Futures points out that “a significant portion of consumers” believe they’ll get HD automatically when the digital transition occurs. (Not remotely true.)

Also well worth reading if you’re curious about HDTV viewing habits including some interesting demographics by ethnicity are in the the article mentioned in Mari’s blog: HD Viewing Patterns Equate To Fuzzy Math. Some excerpts from the article:

Nielsen data for September 2008 shows that of the 114.5 million homes in the U.S., about 39.6 million (35%) had HD sets, but only 23.3 million (20%) were actually receiving HD signals.

Also of interest is that the same group that has HD programming generally has a DVR too. In July 2008, Nielsen estimated that about one-quarter of all homes (25.6%) had a DVR.