Tip Of The Day: HD Calibration Discs

John pointed me to this AVSForum thread that has links to calibration discs you can download and burn to a red laser DVD for use in a Blu-ray or HD DVD player. These images allow you to burn to a standard DVD, utilizing the red laser versions of both HD formats, rather then having to find a Blu-ray or HD DVD burner. Very nice indeed :).

The calibration discs are intended to used with a meter but they do have a few useful items for a person without a colorimeter.

As the name indicates the encodes are Rec. 709, and all the versions are high definition even though the AVCHD and HD DVD are intended to be burned to DVD media. Because they’re high definition formats, they will not work in standard DVD players. Unless marked as saturation, the percentage values shown are relative to the brightness (luminance) of the color for 16-235 levels, where 16 is at the level of black (0% gray) and 235 is the level of white (100% gray). When the word saturation is listed, it means how far the color is away from gray (0% saturation) on a CIE xy grid. The compression format was chosen in order to keep download sizes somewhat reasonable. Further details about the disk are included in hwjohn’s reply and the first item from the Links area of this post. If you would like to ask for patterns added to the disk or items changed, I would request that you include an explanation of how that would help you setup your HD player or display. If you would like to contribute to the project, most of the items we would appreciate help on are listed under Known Issues.