Tip of the Day: What IS Concurrent Sessions?!?

Welcome new & old vistors alike! Are you curious as to what this whole Concurrent Sessions thing is and why is it our #1 most popular guide/article???

Well, today’s tip is for anyone who’s been intimidated by the seemingly many steps involved in our step-by-step guide. The idea of concurrent sessions with Media Center versions of Windows Vista stems from the technology which was originally developed for use on servers. So why is a server tool one of the most popular Vista Media Center tweaks around?

The current limitation with Remote Desktop in Vista Ultimate & Home Premium (the 2 versions with Media Center) is that you can only have 1 user logged in at a time by default. Meaning…if someone is using the Media Center to watch TV, and you want to install the latest updates…or your favorite 3rd party application, you essentially would kick them off the system to do so.

The beauty of the concurrent sessions is that it allows you to connect to that same Media Center, and not interrupt the main user at all. Meaning you can do everything you need to behind the scenes, and you’ll never get yelled at for interrupting anyone’s viewing time. Of course, this doesn’t mean you can log in as the same user, you will have to create a new user with a password to connect to.

For the full step-by-step guide , check out our guide. It’s even been updated to support Service Pack 1 already, thanks to the wonderful community 🙂