The Somewhat Daily Button – February 20th, 2008

Headline: HD DVD surrenders the high-def disc war. Good, now where is our updated playback software and hardware? I really hope this speeds up development of a high def disc HTPC that is equivalent of a CE device. Along with Hauppauge’s and DirectTV announcement, this could be the year of the HTPC.

HD DVD News: Amazon takes of 50% off of HD DVDs @ Amazon

HD DVD News: Warner releasing HD DVD until May 31st @ EngadgetHD

High Def DVD News: HD DVD and Blu-ray release for this week @ EngadgetHD

Zune News: Games for your Zune @ Engadget

Media Portal News: Xface 1.4 and HD/DVD/Blu-ray PowerDVD launcher plugins released

Xlobby News: I recommend heading over to their website and check to see what they have been up to

Video Card News: AMD trims 3800 series pricing @ The Tech

Vista News: Windows Vista Service Pack 1 review @ SuperSite For Windows

PSU News: Corsair HX620 review @ Hardware Secrets

I’ll catch you up on Home Theater news tomorrow :). Stay tuned for a couple of good guides and the Tip Of The Day!