HTPC Tip Of The Day: VMC Plugin Thread

Today’s HTPC Tip Of The Day comes courtesy of a great "Must Have" plugin thread at the Greenbutton. If you are a VMC user you will want to head over to this thread and check it out. Here are a few from the first response. There are several other great responses to this that will let you get more out of your VMC machine.

  • DVRMSToolbox: I love this app for commercial skip alone.
  • MCEWeather: OK, but I got 2daysWeather working and I like that too!
  • 2daysWeather (duh!)
  • In The Movies SE ( OK, but the data seems inconsistent — sometimes there are less theater choices available
  • MyMovies: I like this idea alot, but I do not want all the servers
    on the box — trying to keep this box very simple with low overhead as
    it is a "family room" media center. I have not completely given up on
    the idea, but would prefer something less system intensive. I would
    like to be able to choose a DVD to watch from VMC (but not rip).
  • Lifextender: Looked a worked well, but reencoding took too long. I stuck with DVRMSToolbox in the end.
  • MiniLyrics: I like it but it’s a little tricky to get it
    working consistently as you currently have to lauch Media Player prior
    to VMC to get it to load. I also get the nag screen now, so I’m not
    currently using it.
  • MSN RemoteRecord: works as advertised!