DivX News

Folks who use their console as a media extender got some good news today. From Gizmodo , it has been confirmed that the PS3 will be getting DivX. You will have to download the latest firmware and then the decoder will come a short time later.

ARS also covers the PS3 story but their story also has information pertaining to the Xbox360. The execs at MS have confirmed they are in negotiations and that a deal has yet to be finalized. With the PS3 announcement, I am sure they will make this happen.


On the Microsoft side of things, there’s still questions. The ability to play DivX and XviD videos has been a long-requested feature for Xbox 360 owners, but for many years it seemed as if this feature would never arrive. However, following rumors of XviD-Microsoft deals, DivX CEO Kevin Hell recently hinted at a possible future for his company’s codec on the 360. During the SMid Cap conference call with investment firm JP Morgan, Hell was asked if the recent deal that will see DivX codecs shipped with new versions of Microsoft’s standalone Media Center Extenders means that such support will also be arriving on the Xbox 360. "Yes!" was his immediate reply, although he quickly qualified that confirmation with a disclaimer that the deal was still in the negotiation process and had not yet been finalized.