The Media Center Show #130 – Squirrel Stash

No, Squirrel Stash isn’t where your college friends used to hide their less than legal substances! It’s an application for securely storing your pictures and other files from a 10′ Interface of Media Center, and they’re interviewed in this week’s Media Center Show podcast! Show Times: 00:56 Coming up this week 01:26 Join The Media Center Show Group on Facebook […]

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HP MediaSmart Server Review

I agree with the review. This type of equipment needs to be SIMPLE so that the non-techies (you know….90% of the population)can set it up and use it. USA Today Your idea of a "server" may well be one of those big computers managed by your company’s tech department. To Microsoft (MSFT) Chairman Bill Gates, servers represent something more: products […]

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HTPC Buying Guide: Processors


Let me start off by introducing our new article series here at Missing Remote. On a periodic basis, as technology moves on, we will be creating buying guides for each component of a HTPC. This is an effort of all editors here at Missing Remote with extra credit going to Matt for basically writing the guide. Of course, I need […]

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