The Media Center Show #130 – Squirrel Stash

No, Squirrel Stash isn’t where your college friends used to hide their less than legal substances! It’s an application for securely storing your pictures and other files from a 10′ Interface of Media Center, and they’re interviewed in this week’s Media Center Show podcast!

Show Times:

00:56 Coming up this week
01:26 Join The Media Center Show Group on Facebook
02:24 Using the Xbox 360 remote with a PC
04:20 Refresh rates on the Xbox 360
05:36 Questions on Samsung Q1 – Niveus Companion software
07:08 Getting Started with Media Center Development –, Windows Media Center SDK
08:50 Developers extending Media Center
09:29 Media Center Extenders coming to the UK soon?
10:37 Extender price break in the US
11:18 Windows Home Server news
11:52 Join us next week on
12:40 mControl for Windows Home Server
13:06 A messages from One Voice
14:10 Welcome to Glen Maughan
15:51 Working with Bitlocker
16:18 Starting developing with Media Center
17:00 What is Squirrel Stash
19:56 The Media Center addin
22:01 Working with an Xbox 360
24:36 The look and feel
27:27 Versions and prices
28:50 What can you use it for?
32:20 Encryption
36:34 Get the free download
37:33 Win a copy of Squirrel Stash Unlimited!
38:15 See you on Facebook, forums and blogs

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